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Privacy Policy


HonkFM respects your privacy and we do everything possible to keep our Globohomo service dependency to a minimum and to keep their prying sticky fingers out of your personal life.

HonkFM does not store any personal information that can be used to directly identify you as a person. As most of our features can be used anonymously, we do store certain kind of informations to prevent abuse, like the users IP-address.

The site uses privacy focused, self-hosted analytics service to monitor the activity on our site. The analytics tool does not store any cookies on your machine, log your IP-address, or use any markers that can be used to profile you. analytics is used for the sole purpose of improving the user experience, by analyzing the popularity of certain features.

HonkFM does not sell, redistribute or hand over any information to third parties. Authorities can request insight into our data via a court order directly related to a criminal offence.

The site and it's services - unless listed below - are hosted on privately owned servers.

NOTE: The chat server is NOT using Cloudflare and are hosted privately in Denmark.

Third Party Services

Here's how your data is distributed across third party service-providers.

Name Description Globohomo Rating
CloudFlare DNS provider Self-hosted privacy oriented analytics service. Does not store IP-address.
ZOHO Mail Service (used when writing with us)