a playlist of jamz by female anons
Classical Vax
Only true Mountainers
AI generated songs that I have found
a playlist of jamz by female anons

Ways To Contribute

If you feel like contributing to the cause, here is some ways we could really use your help. Your imagination is key, so if your idea is not on this page, don't feel discouraged; submit your idea to our contact form here and we might find a use for it.


Is there a vax jammer hidden inside of you - or do you have some songs you think we need on air? The stage is yours - you can submit whatever you got on our contact page.


Our jammerz need lyrics to perform to. It takes time and can be very difficult to write those awesome bangers. If you have the gift of being a lyrical genius, submit your work and maybe we will perform your piece.

Need some inspiration for lyrics? Here's a random few to get you started (refresh the page for another random batch).

Fan art

We get sent tons of cool things made by our creative audience. We try to go through it all and list it all on our site for others to enjoy.

If you have some art you would like to share, please send it to us from the contact page and we'll make sure it gets featured.

You can see the art our audience have created, by visiting the FAN ART page.

Web/UI designer

If you are good at designing UI and/or websites, there is plenty of ways you can help us making this service better.